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Elevate Your Life's Flight Plan with High Performance Coaching

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Unlock Your Top Potential through Personal and Corporate Coaching Programs Tailored for High Performers and Visionaries.

Putting You at the Top of the Flock

Comprehensive personal and corporate coaching services designed to empower high-performing individuals and visionary organizations.

Unlock Your Potential

Experience a Fearless Life Redesign journey of self-discovery and growth.

Transformative Leadership

Elevate your business with Accelerate Leadership Group leadership training.

Tailored Team Coaching

Find your team's unique rhythm for success with Competitive Advantage Coaching

Inspirational Leadership

Redefine leadership as an inner calling with our Influential Leadership Coaching Program

Communication Mastery

Gain a competitive edge with our Communication Mastery online workshop

Conflict Resolution

Practical tools to address conflicts navigate change confidently with our online workshop

About Top Flock

Meet Rebecca

A professional home designer turned life redesigner who learned how to structure her life more around who she really is and what SHE really wanted in life. Stopped listening to naysayers, Scaled & sold her 6 figure staging business, moved to a different town and got married at age 47 for the FIRST TIME EVER:)


Nothing is permanent.. Failure or Success… the only way to be truly fulfilled is to be growing on purpose.

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Plan Your Success Journey

Ready to take flight? Let me help create your personal Flight Plan to success. During your one on one consultation we'll find the best tools to help you reach your goals.

Your Results Are Our Priority

Embark on a transformative journey with Top Flock Leadership, where our coaching services are tailored to awaken your hidden potential, embrace change fearlessly, and foster harmony within teams. Lead with vision, master impactful communication, and turn conflicts into collaborative triumphs.

Awaken Your Hidden Potential

You embark on a transformative journey with Top Flock, awakening the hidden potential within you. Our coaching services are crafted to unveil your unique strengths, propelling you toward unprecedented personal and professional growth.

Embrace Change Fearlessly

At Top Flock, we guide you to embrace change with confidence. Our programs empower you with the resilience and adaptability needed to navigate transitions fearlessly, turning challenges into stepping stones for success.

Develop Harmony in Your Teams Diversity

Let us help you find a harmonious blend within your team. Our Competitive Advantage Coaching Program transforms diversity into your team's secret weapon, fostering unity and unlocking a collective force driving shared success.

Lead with Vision, Inspire with Purpose

Dive into our Influential Leadership Coaching Program where you don't just lead; you inspire with purpose. Experience a visionary approach to leadership, committing to elevate everyone around you and infusing every interaction with impactful leadership.

Master the Art of Impactful Communication

Elevate your communication skills with Top Flock. Our Communication Mastery workshop helps you master the art of impactful communication, becoming a key catalyst for collaboration and driving success in every interaction.

Turn Conflicts into Collaborative Triumphs

Join our Conflict Resolution workshop to acquire practical tools. Learn the art of turning conflicts into collaborative triumphs, fostering growth, deepening collaborations, and building resilient relationships.

Find Your Support Network for Success

Discover more than just coaching at Top Flock Leadership – find your support network for success. Engage with mentors and peers who share your journey, building not just professional relationships but lifelong bonds and friendships. Together, we foster a community where growth, encouragement, and shared victories become the pillars of your transformative journey.


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