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Top Flock Leadership was founded by Rebecca Schleifer, who learned how to self-coach her first startup into a successful brand and business. She has worked with several entrepreneurs and small business owners, who have raised millions in capital, created new products and services they love, and hired more people into their companies.


After building a successful company, she realized that other businesses struggled to achieve their full potential by not recognizing their capabilities and opportunities to grow as a leading expert on business coaching for startups and small businesses. Rebecca is a sought-after speaker at conferences in the South-Eastern United States.


"I work with entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level," she says. "I help them achieve their goals by teaching them how to make better decisions, manage their time, and keep themselves motivated."

Rebecca believes anyone can succeed, but the key is to develop a plan and stay focused. "I help my clients set goals and create systems that allow them to be more efficient," she says.


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"In addition to training, I also offer one-on-one business coaching. This allows me to work closely with my clients and help them achieve their individual goals."

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Feeling stuck? Not sure what's you next move? Let me show you the proven path to bring out the high performance in you and how to implement it into EVERYTHING you do!


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