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Embark on a transformative 8-week journey with Fearless Life Redesign, an immersive boot camp designed for high-performing individuals seeking radical personal development. Led by the dynamic and seasoned life redesigner, Rebecca, this program transcends traditional coaching experiences, inviting participants to break through comfort zones and catalyze significant life changes.

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Identify Obastacles

What is that is holding you back from reaching your full potential? Identify your core roadblocks to find the tools to overcome them

Define Your Dream Life

Create a bulletproof plan to finally confronting and conquering the roadblocks holding you back

Create Obtainable Goals

Once we have a clear vision of where you are going we start setting your goals and strategies to actually achieve them

Execute Relentlessly

Reaching your dream life goals requires a strategic and executable goal to ensure your success

Fearless Life Redesign

Weekly Live Coaching & Accountability

Join Rebecca in intimate Zoom sessions, creating a safe and supportive space for exploration, discussion, and growth. These sessions form the heart of the program, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Engaging Selfwork Assignments

Fearless Life Redesign is not just about theory; it's about active participation. Each week comes with engaging homework assignments, bridging the gap between coaching sessions and real-life application, ensuring a holistic and transformative experience.

PRINT Personality Test

Uncover your deep needs and create supportive environments through this powerful personality test. Gain insights that shape your personal and professional growth.

Your Journey Begins Here

Feeling stuck? Not sure what's you next move? Let me show you the proven path to bring out the high performance in you and how to implement it into EVERYTHING you do!

Achieve Your Dreams

Define Your Dream Life

Overcome subconscious barriers by visually articulating your aspirations. This exercise transforms dreams into tangible images, making your goals more vivid and attainable.

Dismantle Limiting Beliefs

Learn to eliminate limiting beliefs within a transformative 21-day window. This phase empowers participants to break free from self-imposed constraints and open doors to new possibilities.

Strategic Plan Activation

Develop a tangible plan to embark on new adventures, whether it's a side hustle, a new business, a first-time marriage, or scaling existing endeavors. Get the tools to confidently step into the next chapter of your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your visitors questions without them having to reach out builds trust and promotes a better user exerpience.

What sets the Fearless Life Redesign apart from other coaching programs?

Fearless Life Redesign stands out for its unique blend of coaching expertise and the creative touch of Rebecca. The program goes beyond traditional coaching, offering a transformative experience that breaks through comfort zones and catalyzes significant life changes. It's not just a program; it's an invitation to redesign your life fearlessly.

Is Fearless Life Redesign a fit for me?

The Fearless Life Redesign program is an 8-week transformative boot camp led by seasoned life redesigner, Rebecca. It is designed for high-performing individuals seeking radical personal development and significant life changes. Whether you're navigating a career shift, seeking personal growth, or embarking on a new adventure, this program is tailored for those ready to break through comfort zones.

How are the Fearless Life Redesign coaching sessions conducted?

The coaching sessions for Fearless Life Redesign take place weekly, lasting 1.5 hours each, and are conducted via Zoom. These interactive sessions provide a safe and supportive group setting, fostering an environment for sharing experiences, discussing challenges, and celebrating victories. The program encourages active participation and engagement, ensuring a personalized and transformative experience.

How does the program address my individual needs and goals?

Fearless Life Redesign is tailored for high-performing individuals seeking radical personal development. The program includes weekly 1.5-hour coaching sessions on Zoom, engaging homework assignments, and personalized growth strategies. Participants actively contribute to their own transformation, ensuring that the program aligns with individual needs and aspirations for a holistic and impactful experience using proven scientific methods.

Can the program benefit those going through career transitions?

Absolutely! Whether you're navigating a career shift, pursuing personal growth, or embarking on a new adventure, Fearless Life Redesign is designed to support individuals through various life transitions. Rebecca's expertise in both home design and life redesign brings a unique perspective, making the program particularly valuable for those seeking positive change and significant life shifts.

What can participants expect from the courses?

Fearless Life Redesign courses are crafted to bridge the gap between coaching sessions and real-life application. With consistent tasks to keep you moving and easy to follow daily activity sheets we make this process easy to reach your goals. Participants engage in activities like the Dream/Confidence Diagnostic, defining dream life with images, and the PRINT Personality Test, identifying and overcoming imposter syndrome, and finally defining success in their terms. These assignments provide practical tools for self-discovery, overcoming subconscious barriers, and creating a strategic plan for embarking on new adventures in life and career.


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